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Survey Add On for OMniLeads


The interactive voice survey module consists of a telephone system that is capable of receiving or making calls and interacting through recordings and the use of the telephone keypad or AI.


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Every interaction is an improvement opportunity !

Premium post interaction survey (PCS) module for OMniLeads.

There is a gap between the actual quality of service and the quality estimated internally, the survey module for OMniLeads allows you to bridge it and ensure customer loyalty by improving the experience.


Project supervision

Our IVR survey tool over VoIP gives you powerful online results. Design complex questionnaires, view reports in real time for each campaign, accessing the results of each management, retry history and many more features that will allow the success of each project.

Advanced metrics

Make immediate decisions based on real data. this add-on gives you efficient and automated monitoring of each response from your respondents.

Greater Control

The tool has an easy-to-use, multilingual control panel that allows you to configure different user profiles according to your needs.

Continuous Improvement

Implement campaigns in record time and empower your team with an agile and simple tool, delivering a high-impact solution for your projects.

Key Features

Who needs Post Interaction Surveys?

  • Customers who have had a bad experience are likely to respond to a survey highlighting poor agent performance.
  • Customers have room to "vent" after a negative experience, reducing the chances of them publicly complaining or calling out the brand on social media.
  • Even if few customers respond, you are ensuring that these customers stay engaged, through a highly profitable feedback collection mechanism.


More than 70% of customers stop using companies due to bad experiences with their customer service.

Conducting post-purchase surveys in addition to post-call surveys is a good idea. Incentivizing survey action and asking follow-up questions are some of the other tactics to consider.

Survey campaings

With this option, a new type of campaign can be generated (within the OML campaigns menu). A form is generated where the number of channels, incidence rules, schedules, etc. are configured. To finally associate the campaign with the survey previously generated in the survey module.

In this case, a new type of campaign appears, with its typical reports and actions (recycling, base change, export to CSV, etc.)

It is very similar to a dialer campaign, where the concept of qualification does not exist and instead of adding agents, the survey is selected to send the calls connected by the dialer.

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Post-call satisfaction survey

Here an OML campaign is related to a satisfaction survey to be launched on the “client” once the call with the agent is cut off.

This will cause the "tables and graphs" associated with the survey related to the campaign to be generated in the reports of the campaign that runs the survey. In other words, the campaign reports should be presented in the usual way, but also complemented below them with the campaign survey reports.

Therefore, surveys can be considered as Objects to be invoked by outgoing survey campaigns or as post-call surveys in inbound campaigns.

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OML Dialer

Integrated with OMniLeads automatic and predictive dialer

Custom Questionnaires

Create Open surveys with intelligent audio chains or closed questionnaires with multiple levels of answers by DTMF

Dial Statistics

Visualize all the necessary metrics to analyze the quality of the calls you are making in real time.


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Convert visits to your website into telephone clients of your Contact Center with just one click!

Allows the creation of mass contact telephone surveys, using pre-recorded audios and manageable contact bases

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