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Professional Modules

Advanced Premium Reports

The business layer allows generating multiple productivity and efficiency metrics, while combining statistical information in order to offer greater “granularity” when deploying information, which allows a substantial improvement in the presentation of information for decision making.

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Post Interaction Surveys

Every interaction is an opportunity to improve. Listening to your customers is the shortest way to ensure an excellent experience.
The commercial version of OMniLeads allows you to generate satisfaction surveys to evaluate the performance of your team and your company's services.

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F2F - Click2Call

Face to Face is always easier. The commercial layer module can be embedded in your website, to allow your clients to call your business with just one click, without any other tool than the web browser.

Ensure your customers' loyalty with a unique experience.

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RealTime Wallboard

In operations where there is a large amount of information and traffic managed in the Contact Center, the need is detected to have a global, efficient and real-time vision of the main operation indicators that best describe the current situation and allow us to quickly discover agile which aspects of the workflow might need optimizations and improvements.

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The commercial solution for call centers you were waiting for!

The key ally for your business team

Go to the commercial version in one simple step and without losing your information!

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Agile and Simple

Generate value faster and more efficiently. Accelerate your digital transformation.

A modern and flexible architecture is the basis of a more simplified and productive technology stack.

With the enterprise version of OMniLeads, you can say goodbye to decoupled tools and multiple interfaces.

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Personalized Experiences

Consumers who demand increasingly higher quality service and contact center employees who expect dedicated support. Deliver personalized experiences across channels and devices to create better experiences. Use interactive, detailed views and the right tools for every situation.

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Dynamic Architecture

Create a solution tailored to your needs with a solid platform foundation, open APIs, and hundreds of possible integrations.

Customize your contact center platform by integrating your favorite systems and driving new connections between applications.

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Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement Management

Reports and Analytics

Granularity and detail of essential KPIs for the business.

Reliable and Secure

Centralize events, track activities, all from one friendly web access.

Simple to Manage:

Create custom views and profiles ready to operate according to your business rules.

Active Directory

Legacy Authentication: External authentication enables transparent platform integration with your LDAP/Active Directory services, centralizing your users and protecting your infrastructure.

OMniLeads Enterprise Cloud

Freetech Solutions modeled the OMniLeads as a Service service allowing your company to have a cloud contact center suite that delivers all the benefits of the enterprise layer resting on AWS and maintained by the manufacturer.

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We Maximize your Business

Professional Services and Support at No Cost: We help you maximize your business with the help of experts, and implement best practices. We accompany you in the business and advise you, at no cost.

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Training and Certifications

Turn your Team into OMniLeads Enterprise experts: Take your administrators to the next level, thanks to our free Trainings and Knowledge Databases.


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Learn more about the OMniLeads Enterprise Stack: Advanced Reporting (link video), CX survey (link video), Video Calls and Web2Call (link video), and much more!

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