What is it?

OMniLeads is a standalone solution for Contact Centers based on Free Software GPL V3, designed to support the management, operation and administration of a Contact Center. Its functionalities allow all the procedures of a Call Center to be carried out through web interfaces. Both agents and supervisors will have their tools in a single application thanks to the use of WebRTC standards.WebRTC

How can I Deploy it ?

OMniLeads can be installed for free on GNU / Linux distributions CentOS-7, AWS Linux and other equivalent options from the main cloud technology providers. All the information necessary to install and configure our application is available in our documentation repository

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Where are we going?

OMniLeads ® currently allows the management of all types of telephone contact, that is: Inbound Campaigns, Preview Campaigns, Manual Outbound Campaigns and Campaigns with predictive dialer (*), a complete Advanced Reporting suite, Click2Call and Click2Video addons, and a powerful CX Survey module (Post-Call Surveys). The final Roadmap for the 2022 period would include Email and SMS sending plugins, Integration with Whatsapp® Business and a powerful predictive dialer.

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