Can OML be installed on Issabel ® or FreePBX ®?

No, it is not an addon or add-on module.
It is a completely independent system, although it can be easily integrated with market PBXs or any device that handles SIP technology :) integrarse fácilmente con PBXs de mercado o cualquier dispositivo que maneje tecnología SIP :)
Currently OML can only run on a CentOS 7 instance and Linux distributions from the most popular VPS distributors on the market.

Can I use OML without having the Wombat Dialer® activated?

Yes! OML covers all the functionality of Preview, Inbound and Manual campaigns. Wombat Dialer® should only be activated if Predictive dialer type campaigns are required. 

Can I use a dialer other than the Wombat Dialer®?

Not Yet, currently the architecture only allows to integrate WD although it is working on its own tool soon to be released.

Does it support multiple languages?

Currently OML only supports the Spanish, Persian, English and Portuguese languages, however we are working on the internationalization of the system to add more languages.

Can I integrate my CRM?

Yes, OML allows you to integrate a URL and generate interactions with external sites in a simple and transparent way. As well as complement an external system through its APIs. interacciones con sitio externos de forma sencilla y transparente. Así también como complemente a un sistema externo a través de sus APIs.

What channels does OMniLeads support?

Currently OML only supports telephony and video, while the rest of channels such as Messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram), Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram), SMS, Email and Chat.

How do I become an OMniLeads Partner?

OMniLeads has an ecosystem of Partners oriented to companies and integrators who wish to resell the products and services that the project offers. More Info