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CX Survey Add On

Improve with each new interaction

There is a gap between the actual quality of care and the quality estimated internally, the survey module for OMniLeads allows you to bridge it and ensure customer loyalty by improving customer experience.

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What is CX Survey?

Within the ecosystem of extensions and addons that can boost OMniLeads, i-Survey allows you to submit a call (incoming or outgoing) to a telephone survey. Through a simple interface, the user will be able to design from very simple satisfaction surveys to the most complex survey campaigns with trees of nested questions. .

All the surveys can be analyzed through the report module, which allows you to break down in detail the feedback collected through the campaigns. Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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ISurvey runs on OMniLeads 1.24 or superior.

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Customer first  

More than 70% of customers stop using companies due to bad experiences with their customer service.

ISurvey addon allows you to receive opinions and suggestions from customers immediately.

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ISurvey key features 


It allows you to know instantly the opinion that customers have of the attention received from OMniLeads agents.


It enables a direct communication channel between the company and its customers.


It allows to relate the opinion of the clients with the internal parameters of evaluation.

ISurvey in action

The OML administrator will be able to manage their telephone surveys from an accessible module within the “Campaigns - Surveys” menu.

Every time a new survey is generated, a wizard is displayed in which one or more questions can be generated with their audio and their expected answers/associated with DTMF tones. The wizard with the configuration of a question is shown, but the views are repeated in case of managing N questions.


Creation of a new survey in the OMniLeads module


Write the questions for the new survey 


Enter the expected answers for each question


Associate the survey to any of the active campaigns.

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Survey Reports

It is known that we cannot improve what we cannot measure, so here comes some good news! The OMniLeads EPA module provides you with a series of reports and metrics that will facilitate the extraction of value from the platform and the subsequent use of the information to benefit your client.

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 Filter reports

By clicking on the reports icon, the Advanced Filter of the Survey
module is displayed, where you can select:

By clicking on the «Search» button, the multiple results related to the triggered survey are displayed. On the other hand, the “Download CSV” button allows you to obtain a file in CSV/Excel format from which a sheet of records is obtained with its audio files and the options selected in each of the sections of the survey.

Sort by date

Period of time for the evaluation of the results of the quality survey.


The agents that are audited from the survey.


The campaign involved in the survey.


The agent groups that are audited from the survey.

Report Results

When evaluating survey reports, we start with a series of Views that organize the information into different sections:

General Report: offers numbers of calls derived to survey, completed, partially completed and abandoned during the reproduction of the associated audios.

Ratings by question: For each question of the survey prepared, the different qualifications made by the caller when answering the survey are graphed.

Replies by Agent: for each question of the survey made, the different options selected by the caller, by agent, are graphed.

Replies by date: for each question of the survey made, the different options selected by the caller are graphed, by date.

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Export data

Each of the report sections presented in the different views can be exported to CSV/EXcel for proper analysis.

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