OMniLeads 1.22

Today we present our OMniLeads Release 1.22, the friendliest and most intuitive Open Source Contact Center Suite in the market!


OMniLeads 1.22

In this new edition, we added some relevant aspects of CRM and External Management Systems integration. One of the new features lies in the possibility of displaying URL external sites once Call Disposition is selected. This is very useful as it allows us a complete pass-through of campaign variables and form fields from OMniLeads to an External System or CRM as soon as a call disposition is carried out, thus ensuring that the information is consistently impacted at both ends.

We know that the Geolocation feature applied to the business rules is very relevant in different segments, especially because it gives the possibility of taking actions based on the prospect geographic location. The integration of OMniLeads with Google Maps API (Application Program Interface) allows you to receive or make a call and display the google map of the contact's location on the agent screen based on a customized address field in the contact database.

Regarding the Administration features, we have added new Skills to Agent Groups: the agent console menus, as well as their operation timers, are now attributable to group permissions. In turn, in Campaigns Dialer, optimizations are added to the mechanisms for applying changes in real time, with the aim of having an immediate impact on the predictive engine.

In the Recordings Module, the Supervisors or Administrators have the consultative piece of audio "discriminated" in consultative transfers, something that was not possible in previous versions due to dial plan limitations. This feature has been fully requested by our community, reason why it was formally incorporated into the software delivery process.

In relation to the Reports Module, among other refinements, the possibility of adding "rejected calls by the agents" is available. This parameter support different Productivity KPIs at the Service Level.
In the Agent section, more information related to the call is also available once the call enters to the Contact Center: both the incoming DID and the inbound route name, as well as the campaign name and the ANI in transfers are already possible to be displayed on the agent's screen. This information is valuable when trying to identify the origin of the call, as well as providing data like state or province where the call comes from, among other scenarios.

As always, optimizations and new fixes, all the staff available in this new deliverable! Let´s Update to 1.22!


Google Maps: New API for geolocation is added, enabling the system to show a Google Map available form a database field.

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Rejected Calls

Now it is possible to count Rejected Calls by Agent using Pop-up window

Ready Status

Now the Agents Supervision shows Ready Status for Available Agents.

Agent Pop-Up

New custom fields are available in Agent Pop-Up when receiving a call: DID, Inbound Route Name, Campaign Name.

ANI in Transfer

ANI number is added to the transfer target.

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Dialer Campaigns

Improvement when applying Dialer Campaigns changes throughout Refresh action in Campaign View.

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  • Operation and Pause Timers are now treated as Group Permissions.
  • All Available Agent tabs are now treated as Group Permissions.


  • Call Datetime variable is now available for External Site Interaction.
  • A new External URL Trigger per Call Disposition is added for CRM Interaction.


  • Call Datetime variable is now available for External Site Interaction.
  • A new External URL Trigger per Call Disposition is added for CRM Interaction.


  • Fix over Kamailio when reinstalling rebrand add-on in cluster mode.
  • Fix in audio conversion script over utils.
  • Fix an error when trying to edit a call disposition.
  • Fix in Contacted Reports when trying to export call dispositions in CSV.
  • Cosmetic Fix in Agent Supervision View.
  • New Recording file is added for the Consultative piece of Consultative Transfers.

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